Meet SailPlan – A Maritime Navigation Platform For the Future, Not the Past

December 13, 2020

At SailPlan we are building an intelligent navigation platform for ships. Our mission is to make ship navigation safer and more efficient. SailPlan’s cloud-based maritime technology suite requires no external sensors to provide enhanced navigational capabilities.  

SailPlan provides a platform that:

  • Is an open maritime navigation system that can work as a decision aid, simulator, or even fully-autonomous navigation;
  • Allows businesses the ability to craft their own rule sets;
  • Offers almost endless configurations;
  • Easily integrates with (almost) any external sensor – whether it is a camera, radar, lidar, electro-optical, wind, or another sensor;
  • Provides human and machine-readable interfaces;
  • Offers Application Programming Interface (APIs) endpoints to customize the experience or extend our software.
  • And much more.

What Makes SailPlan Different from Other Solutions?

Existing navigation tools such as the Automatic Radar Plotting Aid (ARPA) assume basic straight line kinematics in dense operational environments, around bends or visual obstructions, and are limited to line-of-sight.

SailPlan leverages advancements in satellite communications, computer storage, and computer processing power. Using these technologies makes it possible for a proactive, cooperative approach to collision avoidance by accurately predicting ship collisions hours, even days in advance – while ships are still hundreds of miles apart. Because of this approach, SailPlan has unparalleled insight into past, present, and future vessel traffic.

Who is SailPlan designed for?

SailPlan supports vessels of any size and works with marine infrastructure, such as navigational buoys, piers, and seabed sensors.

SailPlan’s key applications support:

  • Bluewater ship operators
  • Inland Ship Operators
  • Shoreside Operations Centers
  • Naval and Coast Guard Operations
  • Port Infrastructure

Why are we building this?

Seafaring is the world’s deadliest job.  Relying solely on a navigator’s sight and hearing is the most significant contributing factor to unsafe ship operations. But people are indispensable — SailPlan’s platform makes them safer and more effective. SailPlan’s maritime technology can reduce fatalities and ship-losses due to human error, and that’s our mission: Zero.
Zero lives lost. Zero ships lost.

Who is using SailPlan?

SailPlan is deployed across 65 vessels in the United States and is expanding across maritime infrastructure in Spain and North America. New deployments are happening each month.

How do I learn more?

Contact us to learn more at

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